Create an advertisement only for Windows 7 systems

Let’s suppose you create a package with one program and want to advertise it only to a few selected platforms, including x86 and x64 Windows 7 systems. Because Windows 7 is not supported yet with Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, you cannot choose it from the supplied list of platforms. As a result of this, after receiving and downloading the package, the system will give you the following message:
Program rejected (wrong platform). Advertisement "XYZ12345" from site "XYZ" was rejected because the client's platform is not supported.

It is expected that SP2 will add support for Windows 7, but until then we can use the following workaround:

  1. Create a collection with all Windows 7 systems
    select sms_r_system.ResourceID, sms_r_system.ResourceType, sms_r_system.Name, sms_r_system.SMSUniqueIdentifier, sms_r_system.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup, sms_r_system.Client from sms_r_system where OperatingSystemNameandVersion like '%Workstation 6.1%'
  2. Create a new program (for example Program for Win7) for the same package and select “This program can run on any platform” as a requirement.
  3. Create a new advertisement and use “Program for Win7” program. Advertise it to Windows 7 collection created earlier.

That’s it. This may not be the best workaround, but it worked very well for me, at least until SP2 will RTM and I can install it in production.

Setup Windows and ConfigMgr – 0x80004005

Suppose you have created a task sequence, advertised it and booted from task sequence media or however you want; if you receive the following error: “Task Sequence: <TS name> has failed with the error code (0x80004005). For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.” at Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step you might want to check the Product Key!

Most probably the key is not correct, so either write another one or remove the product key at all from Apply Windows Settings step in your task sequence and you will have to provide it during the install phase.

I left the product key blank and next time I booted the PC from the TS media, at the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step I was asked to provide a product key. I entered my Business edition product key and everything was ok.

“The hash value is not correct”

Here is another error related to Task Sequence and MDT 2008. After creating and advertising a task sequence, most probably you will run it :). Make sure you have the latest version of your packages on the distribution point, otherwise you will receive an error while running the task sequence. This will be something like “Task Sequence: your task sequence name has failed with the error code (0x80091007). For more information, please contact you system administrator or helpdesk operator.”

In the log file you will find this: “The hash value is not correct.”

What you can do to resolve this? Two  things:

  1. to update your distribution point with the latest version of the packages. To be sure the package was updated successfully, you can put a txt file somewhere and verify if it is on the DP.
  2. modify the advertisement to not download the files locally but access the files directly from the DP, although I’d not recommend it.

*009* error codes

During “troubleshooting period”, I have found a very nice website with error codes’ descriptions. Now, every time I get an error in any program, I check the list from this blog

This is how the table with error codes looks like:





1 0xC0090001 The specified event is currently not being audited. ERROR_AUDITING_DISABLED
1 0x80090001 Bad UID. NTE_BAD_UID
2 0xC0090002 The SID filtering operation removed all SIDs. ERROR_ALL_SIDS_FILTERED
2 0x80090002 Bad Hash. NTE_BAD_HASH
4103 0x80091007 The hash value is not correct. CRYPT_E_HASH_VALUE

The last row shows an error I got the day before yesterday and reading this description helped me understand the problem I was having.

Thought it might help you sometimes…