During OSD, format first partition only

Our helpdesk asked me to make a task sequence that can be used on computers with more than one partition. In this case, I had to make sure that the operating system will install only on first partition and will not touch the data on other partitions.

To achieve this, I copied another TS and modified the following 2 steps:

  • removed any “Format and Partition Disk” step
  • in the “Apply Operating System Image” step, under “Select the location where you want to apply this operating system” made the following modifications:
    • Destination: Specific disk and partition
    • Disk: 0 (if all computers are installed on first hard disk)
    • Partition: 1 (if all computers have OS installed on first partition)

This way, when TS runs, it automatically wipes partition 1 from disk 0 and will not touch any other partition or disk.

Wiping volume C:\