*009* error codes

During “troubleshooting period”, I have found a very nice website with error codes’ descriptions. Now, every time I get an error in any program, I check the list from this blog http://blogs.msdn.com/joshpoley/pages/errors-009-facility-sspi.aspx.

This is how the table with error codes looks like:





10xC0090001The specified event is currently not being audited.ERROR_AUDITING_DISABLED
10x80090001Bad UID.NTE_BAD_UID
20xC0090002The SID filtering operation removed all SIDs.ERROR_ALL_SIDS_FILTERED
20x80090002Bad Hash.NTE_BAD_HASH
41030x80091007The hash value is not correct.CRYPT_E_HASH_VALUE

The last row shows an error I got the day before yesterday and reading this description helped me understand the problem I was having.

Thought it might help you sometimes…